Video mp4 on smartphone

Hi at all,

As always I've a problem :face_with_peeking_eye: , in my stage I've a video *.mp4 with button play and pause and menu customized.
But when video start in mobile , all my buttons disappears.
Does anyone know how to avoid the problem ?

As always .... thanks in advance


Can you post and example ?

I meant a project file

Did you select the video and check plays inline from the element inspector

Project file (50.7 KB)

check plays inline for the mobile vert video.

Screenshot 2022-03-30 at 11.20.50

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Thanks, I didn't know that box had that function.
Now it works perfectly !
As a video, in your opinion, is it useful to put also ogv and webm videos ?

I do not publish videos that much and if I do it is for a particular viewer who I know will be able to view mp4s.

How common now days ogg is I could not tell you, webm the same.

Other who do maybe able to chip in...

Ok Mark, no problem, I'll use only *.mp4 .

Few minutes ago, I saw that if I turn phone to landscape mode , compare desktop version , and for me there're no problems, except that the menu is not fully visible.
Is't possible to find a solution to be able to see it entirely?

Because you already had the desktop layout with inline.

You will probably need to search through the forum for layouts, break points and responsive / flexible layouts there will be plenty of solutions, too many to re mention :grinning: