Video loads when button is triggered to go to scene, but does not play in self-run (ie no button click)

i can’t figure out how to get the video in scene 2 to self play when the animation goes from one scene to another (self run): it works fine when using button click, which is great - but looking for it to work in self-run and user click scenarios.

any ideas?

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mute the video.22%20AM

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I am looking for the video to ALWAYS play from the very beginning when the 2nd scene comes on, regardless of self-run or button click on the arrow.

i used this – an "on unload" javascript called "stop_video" (borrowed from a previous post on this forum) and got the buttons scenario to work…

var video = document.getElementById('video');

video.currentTime = 0;

but the client wants a self-run in the carousel in case no one clicks it. Currently, self run does not trigger the 2nd scene video to start at the very beginning of the mov file. the video has to always start at the very beginning bc it syncs up with main timeline animation on the end of 2nd scene...

matt o

Below seems to work for me its ‘self running’ as a carousel. The only thing I added was at the end of the second scene I added an action to go back to the previous scene? Is that what you were looking for? You had ‘next scene’ vs previous scene, I’m guessing the client would want it to go to the first scene so its a perpetual carousel? (2.2 MB)

hypetest-hlc-pb Scene 2 (2.2 MB)

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looping the carousel is actually not the issue, it’s getting the embedded mov file of the magnifying glass to always play at its very beginning, sync’d up with the very beginning of 2nd scene.

when you use a button to get from 1st scene to 2nd scene, it triggers the embedded video file correctly. but if you don’t click a button to get to the 2nd scene, the video gets wonky, ie stops syncing (eg you let 1st scene go to 2nd scene passively / with no click, video syncs… but if you click away from 2nd scene and you click back to it, the video will play from where you left off leaving 2nd scene prior.

I think I got the gist of what your trying to achieve.

From Scene 1 to Scene 2 Autoplay without user interaction goes to Scene 2 to a paused video.
However if a button is clicked on the Scene 1, prepare the video to play on Scene 2, on top of that you want the video to pause on mouse out and resume playing on mouse over?

I would create another auxiliary scene.

From First Scene to Second scene autoplay which results a paused video on scene 2.

But When a button is clicked on Scene 1 it will go to the 3rd auxiliary scene where the video will play.

Thanks Pete. I’ll give it a try.