Video is "playing," but only audio is working

I’ve built a simple scene for use in a small local museum, with a brief video over an image background. I’m copying it via USB to an Android tablet to play in the Chrome browser. When it opens, the video player is visible (black box, no poster image), and when I tap the play button it starts. I can hear the audio and see the progress bar moving. But the video is invisible – only the background image is showing. Previews fine on the computer in Chrome. Anyone have a thought on what’s going on?

The video is MP4 and I’ve also included an OGV file in the element inspector (transcoded via VLC).

A few things it could be:

  1. It was not encoded into a format the Chrome is able to work with.
  2. It is not the frontmost element and something may be blocking it during playback
  3. Are you running it from a server? There’s a chance the the server itself is not properly serving the video using the correct mime type
  4. Can you confirm that you have the most recent update to the Chrome browser on the device?

I would test removing the ogv file – it is also possible that Chrome is reading the ogv as an ‘audio only’ format.

Thanks, Daniel. I appreciate the response.

  1. I encoded it as H.264 which is supposed to be Chrome-friendly (I’ve tried several codecs).
  2. It is frontmost. Only other element is the background (and the player is visible).
  3. Not from a server. Copied directly to the tablet.
  4. Chrome is freshly downloaded from the Play store.
  5. I started without the ogv file, and added it after I had the issue. Same result on all attempts.

Additional digging – since the video player is visible, I tapped the “full screen” icon and the video is visible. So it may have something to do with resizing. I did try one at 100% but produced the same problem.

Can you try turning off ‘Use Webkit Acceleration’ in the document inspector in Hype prior to export? If that doesn’t do it, can you share the file with me?

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I can’t find a ‘message’ link on your profile page. (Maybe because I’m new?) I could reply to the “welcome” message I received yesterday.

Tried your suggestion, and it didn’t work.

I did test opening just the video file using the tablet’s built-in Video app and Video Player app, and both played it. (I’m not a fan of this tablet. My client picked it to save $$.)

Can you explain how you are running it off the tablet?

I sent you a private message.

I’m publishing the Hype file to a folder, then copying the entire folder to the tablet via USB. I use the tablet’s file explorer to open the folder and launch the html file, selecting Chrome.