Video in Ad, problem

Hello, im trying to make an Ad with a little video for google studio.

But we get a notice that it won't work...
I've tried with the export mode for studio and dcm...but didn't succeed

We think we must host the video extern,...but I don't know how to?
( and didn't saw any solutions on the forum)

Do a scan through your ad to see if you have any URLs that use http (they should use https / SSL). Also, make sure you've included your clicktag. Is the version you submitted the one with the video hosted elsewhere or within the Hype export?

I don't know about rules regarding video within ads so others might have better insight into that.

okay im gonna try, thanks

Sad enough, I didn't succeed yet ;-(

I think the major problem is that the cannot be in the hype .zip..

Someone know how to put a video in a hype from an external hosting?
as an example from a YouTube or something..

I think this is used a lot..but I can't find something on the forum

There are plenty of how tos' on the site, within other questions mostly but they are there.

Start with reading

And you could also search for:

  • embed video
  • embed YouTube
  • YouTube api

Most of the results will show or have some sort of example.