Video file effecting the exit url

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on why the following may be happening.

I have built a display banner that will be trafficked through Google DV360, however, when we are adding the file to DV360 we are getting the following error message...

"Rich media HTML files must include at least one exit event so that you can set a landing page for the creative."

The exit URL seems to work fine in the below preview...

Has anyone experienced this before?

Download link to the working file...

Thanks Brett

Might this help?

My first guess would be that in the specific ad you sent, its clickTag at the top of the HTML is blank:

    var clickTag = "";

Yet you said the exit works?

To try this, then you'd probably want to use the DoubleClick Studio Export Script, which instead uses the Enabler code referenced from that google support link. Once installed it will give a new action handler that allows you to call the Exit.