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Just did my first video export - only to discover there are no quality settings~controls. The default, and only setting, produces unacceptable results (see linked example below). Please offer the high quality rendering options .mp4 is capable of.

Example here (look at the .mp4 and then view the ZIP file):

I think part of the problem here is that the images are very low quality, as is the actual line itself. When using regular text (and not an image) it looks much better:

Hi Daniel!

My post was not so much about this particular video as it was about choice in video export… and the request to have more options. There is better output available for an .mp4 file (not shown here) - but the red text Best Tagesgeld still degrades (a typical video compression problem: thin bright red lines on a dark background). The option that does work is to go uncompressed to a QT “.mov” format. (Please see attached screen shot “ (no Compression)” just below.) Note that the red, as intended in the design, pops wherever it is used.

RE: “No compression”… Not all animation projects are necessarily headed just for the web - or maybe the user would like to choose a specialty compression app to convert to .mp4, etc. at a later time.

To have at least few choices: good, better, uncompressed would be wonderful - allowing the content creator to have more control over the output quality vs file size. Being able to set bit rate for the video would be nice as an advanced setting - shown, along with other options below, in “QT7 - Export options for mp4” .

“ (no Compression)” screen shot.

_QT7 - Export options for mp4_
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Being able to set bit rate for the video would be nice as an advanced setting

i would double this
are there any options via console to set¿ (defaults write …)

Sorry, there’s no hidden defaults for this, but I would like to offer it as an option. Apple makes it exceedingly difficult to add the old quicktime options to modern apps… so about all I can do is add a bitrate setting for H264 and an option to use Apple ProRes 422/4444.

In today’s update, you can now modify the video export quality:


Wonderful! Thank You!

Look forward to experimenting with the bitrate & ProRes options.