Video Export Helper (Dynamic Aspect Ratios)

Video Export Helper

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This file helps to export different layouts and hiding elements on video export. The setup can be used while leaving the code in for web previews. The layout for the video export is determined by dragging the one you need to first position (thanks for the idea @Saeta!).

If you want to add this solution to an existing project transfer the Head HTML found in the example below to your Head HTML and create two empty layouts matching your layout dimensions name like your export layout name.

Adding the classname 'hideOnVideoExport' hides the element with that class on video exports (thanks for that idea @ktewes).

Update: Adding the class name 'hideOnWebExport' hides the element with that class on web exports. Simplified code and hard-coded first scene name as “Start” (you can easily change it).

Example File Download: (72,4 KB)

Note in 2024:
After searching again for this solution the other day, I made this into its own thread now. The solution was derived in the thread Multiple Layout Video Export. I hope having its own dedicated thread in Tips and Tricks makes it easier to discover.


Bravo @MaxZieb ! You are absolutely amazing.
I'm glad I contributed to the community without knowing it. :grin:

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