Video does not play on some mobiles on landscape mode (responsive layout)


(Pedro Almeida) #1

Why doesn’t my video play on some android phones and iPhone 7 plus on landscape mode?
Am I missing something?

(project attached) (or link:

(got the client waiting… would b grateful for urgent help)
thanks in advance

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

It plays for me on my 6s Plus landscape and my Samsung Galaxy S7. Can you provide more details about the problem? Does it never show the video window? Does it show that the video is broken? If you use the web inspector, are there any errors?

I did notice that it takes a long time to play on both devices – it appears that the server is slow and so on the iPhone since it won’t start playing until ~50% is downloaded, this was about 30s before it would play. The landscape version is the bigger video, so it makes sense this would take longer.

(Pedro Almeida) #3

Thanks for your feed @jonathan.
I have already discovered the problem, but only now had the chance to explain it.

Because of the screen sizes on iPhone 7 plus and a certain Huawei model (my clients phones), when watching on landscape, the video didn’t show (only a blackscreen) because i had the breakpoint between 400 and 700px (measures i usually use on mobile layouts) and 700 to 2000px (desktop layout). I changed the 700 to 800px and the problem was solved.

Basically, on landscape on the responsive layout, it was showing a part of the desktop layout (black background) and so we couldn’t control or see the video.

Also, like you said, because i have 2 different sizes of the videos (mobile and desktop) and when jumping to desktop layout, it loaded the bigger video, which takes longer to load.