Video banners for DoubleClick Studio


I have just had a couple of Hype created banners rejected by the DoubleClick Studio QA. The case was:

  1. Your creative is currently not using Studio HTML5 SDK. Please be sure to implement this to include video tracking events.

More information can be found here:

Step 1: Add video and track metrics - Studio Help

So I did add the referenced script for tracking video assets:

var video1 = document.getElementById('video1');

 Enabler.loadModule(studio.module.ModuleId.VIDEO, function() {'video_1', video1);

referring to my video object, and I did sent them back for another round of QA, and will let you know about the results.

But my question for now is: Is the video used in the Hype creative that is exported using the DoubleClick Studio export Script placed inside the creative as a HTML5 tag, as referenced in the linked Google documentation?

Just want to understand what is the actual situation, in order to be able to decide on the next steps in case these new ones get rejected as well.

The video is an HTML5 standard video, but it sounds like it detected the video but it couldn't track data for the video (plays, pauses, etc) without adding that 'reporter' module: Reporter (Studio HTML5 SDK - JavaScript)

So with that in place, the video ID (video_1) will be observed and tracked in your metrics. It's odd that they require that. Let us know if you hear anything back (positive or negative).

To clarify a little bit, it uses the <video> tag but the element itself is created dynamically in Hype's runtime javascript. If DoubleClick Studio is scanning the .html itself it won't find it. It may be needed to create a dummy element so the ad system knows about it -- there's a few cases in the DoubleClick Studio export script where we already do this so it might also be necessary for video.

If the new ones are rejected let us know and we can see what we can do to get it to work... should be possible!


Thank you for your responses!

I do have the QA results and it’s all good news. The banners were accepted, so no need to update the export.

And if anyone comes across this thread in the future I think the most important thing to know is that, if you are using a video clip in your DoubleClick Studio creatives, the above tracking code is required.

Thanks again for the support and have a great day guys.

HI, @AdamDera thanks for the heads up info - I’m planning to use a video clip for the first time in an ad banner, that will be uploaded to the Google ad server. Where I have to put the referenced script for tracking video assets? into the Head Html the whole snippet as it?

I did call it with a Timeline Action at the point when the video is starting to display and it worked perfectly fine.

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