Video 360º in Hype, from a GoPro Fusion

Hello, I’m planning a project and need to put videos from GoPro Fusion 360º camera, in Hype.
I see some confuse info in forums, but no clear for me. I’m not a advanced developer, but I simple need to add a 360 video in Hype document. Videos like this

Anyone can say me how to do?
thanks a lot,

The example page you have given is just a straight forward video with 360º footage that has been stitched together by another means.

It’s quite straight forward to add this type of embedded video into Hype. Is this what you need or do you need something different?

Hype cannot transform your footage into video. You would have to process it somewhere first and then bring it into Hype.

Thanks DBear, now there is more light about this.

Do you talk to get the 360 functions with a framework like ant then in Hype call this html?

What I need to do is to put the 360º video in the timeline of Hype like a simple video, because I want to put some actions like stop video in a point of timeline, show buttons to go to another point of timeline…

Is possible?
thanks a lot!!!

Go Pro have a bit of software called “fusion studio”

personally I would use this to create the 360 video and then embed the output into Hype.

Probably using a youtube / vimeo video

Hello and thanks for answer.
What I need is to sync the video with elements over this.
In example: If the video is people walking on the street, in the second 32 is a man walking, show a text, etc…
Because of this, I can not work online (youtube or similar), I need to do all offline.
Do you know if this soft makes this?


If the 360 video is a regular video element, you can use the timeupdate javascript handler to synchronize video with a Hype timeline. There’s no built-in way to do it, but there are code exmaples on the forums if you search for that function.


As Jonathan has said, if you can get your footage into a “regular” format i.e .mov / .mp4 which Fusion Studio can possibly do then you can synchronize it with elements in Hype but Hype will not do the 360º video for you.

Maybe this is helpful…