Vertical scrolling

I'm planning a new audio web app for smartphones and would appreciate some advice.
I will have around 20 short pieces of audio with a linked image and a line of text.
Can I put them on one long scrolling page or is it better to make a new scene for each of them ?
And if I do use scrolling content is there any way to make it scroll page by page so each piece fits the screen.

I need to start experimenting but would appreciate any initial thoughts.

About the only thing I'd say with certainty is to try to avoid scroll jacking if you can :slight_smile:.

Stepping back to a far distance of something like Instagram... Originally Instagram was all scrolling on the timeline. While scrolling is a natural gesture, it actually requires a bit of human effort to exert physically and mentally to arrive at the right spot. They've been pushing the Stories more and more. This just requires a simple tap to go to the next item. I think this is better from a pure HCI standpoint, but you get a little bit less sense of place.

You could also think about things like Kindle/Books. I think they offer scroll modes for reading, and page turns that can either be tapped or swiped.

So given there's some preference on you, I'd probably recommend doing scenes. Then you can setup areas for taps OR allow using the Page Turn scene transition:


Jonathan - thank you. That's really helpful advice - Alastair

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