Vertical scrolling library for drag and drop item selection

I found one of my favorite drag and drop examples called Kokeshi.hype
I would like to create something similar to mimic dragging hand tool parts onto a workbench to create a new hand tool simulator. One feature I need is to show a multiple tabbed, and vertically scroll-able parts viewer and selector where user can jump between library categories to select an item and then drag to a target location. Helpful hints welcome. (o: Patrick

yours is not an easy task for some reasons, but below is an approach that should work. Only difference is that it does a horizontal slider.

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Wow! Thank you for sharing such a fun project! Very inspirational on my journey to learn more! I decided to jump back into programming using Hype and appreciate the support found on the forum. (o:

I have been playing around with the Crazy Virus game and noticed that the horizontal selection menu works well in Chrome, however, when I display them from a hosted site using Safari or Firefox, the menu function does not function the same. Ideas welcome! PM

Hi PM,

it’s a bit vague :wink:

But in firefox i experienced some crazy z-index-behaviour which may be fixed by a not less crazy hack … :slight_smile:

Works fine on safari on my machines though … which built¿

I was being vague since I am learning and not quite sure what to expect and/or how to fix it. I did find that both Chrome and even Safari are working as you highlighted.
I can see the z-index layer issue when using Firefox.

Sincerely, PM :smiley:

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the updated version should work in FF too …

Thank you for sharing you expertise! PM :grinning:

Hello Hans-Gerd … again (o:
I continue to admire your Crazy Virus making character program and wondered if you could tune the programming yet again to work in Internet Explorer and Edge? I ask because the build a character programming in your example is what matches some ideas I am trying to include in a larger project. For your consideration and my appreciation! PM

i took the effort – hacked the windows 10 dell-laptop of my daughter :wink: – to test edge -> it worked without a problem.
this suggests the same:

however, you can try to use a w3c-polyfill instead of the one implemented. (1.5 MB)

i will not investigate on this ...

You can always use the free/trial tier of lambda test

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that’s nice :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for supporting my mission! Sincerely, PM.