Version 3.0.2 (458) Animation smart phone


I’m new on this forum.
I have an older version of Hype. All works well for desktop and iPad but
the animation on an iPhone is to big. Anything I can do to fix this?


Have you made a layout for phone?

Attaching a file would be good.

Would my website address work?
Where do I get a tiny URL to prevent being on the internet?


Use Hype’s Preview feature.

And go to Develop menu in Safari : Enter Responsive Design Mode

is this what you a referring to?
If so, where do i insert this code?

You should look at the Hype documentation and the various tutorials that are out there

There are two main features in Hype that can help with changing content to best fit different browsers/devices:

  • Responsive Layouts - have entirely different content that is shown based on “breakpoints” of width
  • Flexible Layout - Adjust element positions and sizes based on the browser (or container) width and height.

Note there are also ways to change the Scene Size in the Scene Inspector and mobile viewport options in the Document Inspector.

A couple other notes:

  • Your title shows you are on version 3.0.2, but the latest is 3.6.3 and is a free upgrade. You can download from here or update via Mac App Store if that’s where you got it.
  • If you intend to share your site, unless it is integrated into another page, I would recommend attaching a zip of the .hype document.