Vector shape Line Draw function bugged after editing symbol

Strange thing happened in Hype UI. I was using the vector shape tool to draw a single straight line. After drawing (and clicking Done), I had to adjust the start point of the line, so I double clicked on the line and modified the start point. When I used the Line Draw function in the UI, I found that the line completed drawing at the 50% mark. It doesn't always happen, but I was able to reproduce it a few times, and even created a new document that had the same issue (.MOV attached). Am I doing something wrong or is there a weird bug in the UI? (BTW, if you set key frames and use the Line Draw, the issue still occurs when the UI play is run).

That is strange indeed. I couldn't reproduce it, but Hype does recalculate the length to apply it's 0-100% logic on top of the line dash interface. Another way Hype could do it would be to use the pathLenght attribute and set it to 100.

That way, Hype wouldn't even have to recalculate length offsets etc. whenever the vector shape changes when using the line draw mode. Maybe they refactor that in Hype 5? Not sure …

Thanks for the report. What is happening here is that the path is being closed, and so the actual path is a line from point A to B and then back to A, effectively doubling the length. Definitely a bug, I don't think Hype should even offer closing a 2 point path. If you click "open path" afterwards it should be okay.

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Thanks for pointing this out! While path length caching wasn't a problem with this bug, it would definitely save some work we do and be a performance improvement to use. I feel I have some recollection of looking into it, but my memory is fuzzy. I added it to the list to revisit.