Vector Icon Library

One thing that would be nice to have in Hype 4.0 is an icon library containing a myriad of vector shapes.

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Totally agree - but I’m not clear if You mean a predefined library (provided by Hype) - and/or the ability to add to such a library.

One thing I did not see in the Keynote (though this may not count as a major feature or is yet to be announced) - is the ability to create libraries that can be added to and shared among a user’s projects; not just shapes but code snippets, images, etc.

For me, a key point in the creative process is FLOW. Every time I have to stop and re-create~add media to a project is disruptive “clerical” time… nuts and bolts mechanics that remove You from your groove. Being able to draw from a well of your past endeavors (in addition to Hype default elements) would be most valuable!

This should be categorized as a feature request - it’s a good one.

You should be able to have a list of symbols you have and the ability to save all of the symbols in a library.

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Both would be great. I just changed the category to Feature Requests by the way.

In the mean time while we wait for a export vector Element, I will Temporarily make a Symbol out of a vector element. The export it.

This way I can import the individual element from a library folder and also take it out of the imported Symbol if needed.

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Maybe this could be a community project, like a Creative Commons thing. I think there’s already a thread around here for sharing code. Sharing shapes could be a thing.

Following @MarkHunte & @Photics lead here is a “Heart” & an “Ornament” shape: (15.8 KB) (16.0 KB)

Note: Enlarging - shrinking - distorting these shapes will pixelate in the Hype animation pane - but will render correctly in a browser. Fill (color) ~Stroke (color, thickness) adjustments will need to be done in the innerHTML script for that shape (inside the symbol) - the symbol is only a convenience for transport. The actual element (such as a rectangle) that contains the SVG code can be copied from the symbol and pasted separately.

I realize this not the way to set up an official “Hype Shape Commons” - but I want to test to make sure this is useable by others. I am imagining something like the “Hype Document Extensions”.

In the interest of efficiency one Hype document might hold symbols of a similar style - and people could keep adding related symbol styles to that document; then simply open and pluck the desired symbol(s) for use in your project. This document “category” in the thread would have a screenshot of the contents, updated as added to, so it would be easy to see at a glance if that shape collection was of interest to the viewer.

I have a “mother load” of Illustrator symbols courtesy of Adobe’s early years (when customers were more important than stock price)… i.e. the “Adobe Collectors Edition Disk 1 & 2” circa 1988. I could post these Illustrator documents to farm out for other Illustrator owners to switch to SVG. It is not difficult - just time consuming.

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