Variable to control timeline

(Nim) #1

Hi guys,
I have a problem more complicated to explain than to see.

I have 2 scenes within 2 new timeline with the same animation: the logo change position in function of the scroll (exit /enter viewport)
Now, I would keep those timelines at the current time when i change the scene, I dont want they restart.

In theory I need a Var that see the current time of the first scene’s timeline and it jumps to the time of the second scene’s timeline… tricky to explain, but simple to view :wink:

I post the project, the button to go to next scene is “PRENOTA” on the left, and then come back with “home” (1.2 MB)

Thank you all!!!

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

hm, you shouldn’t work with different timelines on each scene. put the whole animation in one persistant symbol.

anyhow … here is your approach (1.2 MB)

(Nim) #3

WOW! Thanks! It’s perfect!!!

Anyway I tried to use the Symbol, I did a research on the forum before to open my topic, but probably I didn’t understand how to use the persistant symbol. I made an other file where I put all the elements of the header (3 logos and white strip) inside the same Persistant Symbol, but in this case I can’t no more control the exit viewport of the logo and starting the animation. Well, as I said probably I did some errors but anyway your solution is GREAT!!!
Thanks again!!!

(Nim) #4

here it goes the other problem :frowning:
I added a 3th scene and boom, broken…

I think I got to understand how to use the persistant Symbol. My question is: in the same persistant Symbol that compose my header there are some element that scroll and other are fixed, how to set this difference? Is it possible? till now I can’t find a solution

thanks (1.3 MB)

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #5

switch off ‘scroll_banda’ to be a relative timeline.
just use continue timeline (reverse or forward, can restart unchecked) NOT starttimeline in your viewportactions

this seemed to do the job for me in your document …

-> be careful to not mix things up …

(Nim) #6

GREAT MAN! yes i did a bad mix of setting…you right!
thanks again!!!