Validator: unsupported HTML feature

Hi all,

When validating my ZIP file ( I receive following error (the only error) I have.

It seems to be related to the SVGs I use. They are created with Sketch and I do not really see the problem here.

Anyone experienced this and could guide me?

Thank you.

The cc:work node is usually reserved for information about the Work (like credit, format etc.). Could it be that sketch is annotating the SVG with cc:license? dc:type or dc:format? Please check your SVG in a text editor. If so… there should be no trouble cleaning out the node and its content <cc:work>...</cc:work> or even the full <metadata id="license"...> branch


I use this tool for exporting minified / compressed SVGs from Sketch, and I think it removes that cc:work node by default:

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Thank you @MaxZieb and @Daniel. I checked the SVGs and it seems to come from Inkscape. At least the SVGs who are affected are not the ones exported from Sketch.

Thank you, issue solved.

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