Validation GDN-Banner

Hi there
When validating a banner for de GDN, I receive a error message.
After removing the question mark and the numbers (see attached picture) the validation goes on without problems!
Can I have my output without these question mark and numbers? What is this for?
Thanks a lot for your help.
Best wishes, Urs

If I remember correctly there have been a few threads talking about this. But not the easiest to find.

But this may not be how your export needs to be structured, if not it may be possible for you or someone to adjust an export script to remover the cache buster numbers and keep the export as normal.

More info would be needed on how your type of export needs to be. But first check out the export script @jonathan points out. Also removing the numbers manually is an option.

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Gee you guys sometimes make things way more over complicated difficult then needed. :kissing_closed_eyes:

That number just prevents caching. You can chop it off without any problem.

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As already stated as an option.

But sometimes repetitive tasks can be time consuming and annoying. So if there is a way to just bypass it without any issues then I do not see the problem!

We may have even helped you in doing that in the past…

Remove the ‘question mark’ and the numbers. It is not needed.

Thank you so much for your help Bendora, MarkHunte, Rick4F


I would like to add to this post that the export scripts for Google, do work, but the ones for Adform, don’t have the ExitAd working. We can click. But we don’t get a correct meassurement.

Just export a banner and drop it in this validator:

Greensock had the same topic in 2016 also.