UX Must Haves - Some Workflow Requests

I’m happy to see another recent SVG import thread, and happy to see the Tumult team responding it’s a priority that will take some effort. This is my far my biggest barrier to more comprehensive use of Hype.

I thought I would share my list of UX must-have’s that have either surprised and frustrated me at their absence.

Tumult team, great work. I hope you’ll take passionate and loud feature requests as a compliment that we care enough to invest time in making Hype better. Here’s my list:

  1. Pinch to zoom/swipe to pan.
  2. Auto-name text layers (see how Figma works - when I create a new text layer, and change the text to “Click here now” the layer name is changes to “click here now.” If I override the layer name to “button text” that text persists).
  3. Keyboard shortcuts - add them for most commands, and allow customization.
  4. Animation templates - I love how powerful hype is. I’d like an easier way to save/import common transitions so I don’t have to build everything from scratch.

Thanks for the requests - all good ones!

One note:

For any menu items, you can add/change Keyboard Shortcuts via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.

I'd be curious which ones you feel are prominently missing or if there are shortcuts beyond the menu items you'd want to see. Thanks!

Align/distribute shortcuts are probably second only to send to front/back for my workflow.

Vector authoring/editing is another big one for me - either toggle or hotkeys to modify anchor points.

Also a hotkey to disable snap to settings temporarily would be helpful.

Thanks for the feedback - good to know!

Not to take away from adding a shortcut -- these can be set via the system preferences method described above.

Right now you can hit return on a vector shape to enter. The arrow keys can move the position of anchor points. I think we're missing ways to change the anchor point selection or modify control points.

You can hold down the command key to temporarily toggle the snapping behavior (and also use system preferences for a shortcut to toggle the modal method).