Using tsparticles.js


I am looking to use this confetti with Hype.

I am able to do so using the HTML-Widget. Unfortunately I cannot use HTML-Widget as Google Campaign Manager does not allow multiple HTML-files for a single creative.

When placing the same code as inline HTML on a rectangle, nothing happens.

<div id="tsparticles"></div>
<script src='${resourcesFolderName}/tsparticles.min.js'></script><script src="${resourcesFolderName}/script.js"></script>

Any idea how I can make this work? :blush: (107.4 KB) (109,5 KB)

you needed to ensure that elements exist and paths are correct ... seems to work ...

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That is perfect, thank you very much! One more thing: how can I make the animation stop after 30 seconds?

pJSDom[0].paused = true

as timelineaction may work


Thanks! :blush: