Using Script Editor Menu to open Hype Templates while staying in Hype

If any of you want to use the Applescript Menu to open any of your Templates in Hype, you will need to Name the Hype Folder in the ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/


Not sure why Hype 3 is still named that. ?.

For those of you who have never used this before.

1, Launch Script Editor.
2, Open its preferences and under the General Tab, check : Show Script menu in menu bar.

You will then notice that a new menu bar item appears.

This is the Applescript/Script Editor menu. It is mainly used for a convenient place for and the running of Applescripts from any Application. ( meaning you do not have to open them in Script Editor and run them or have Script Editor running)

But you can place other types of files in it to open or run them. This includes Hype Templates.

To add an item to the menu you just have to open the users folder.

Then place you script in the script folder that is shown and selected in the finder.
You can place folders also and these will show as submenus.

If you do not already have a folder in the Scripts folder named Applications. Then simply create on (Capped A)

You can then place folders inside the Applications folder which bear the name of any Applications you have.
Foe example Finder.

Any script or file inside the named application folders will only appear in the Applescript menu when you are active in that Application.

So for Hype . You folder path would be.


Now you can place your Templates in it and have them to hand from within Hype.

Oh, One more thing…

If like me and you want to keep all your Templates in one place but like the convenience of the Script menu.
Then you can actually place an Alias of the file in the folder. The menu is smart enough to open the original.