Using Progressbar.js in the hype

Can anyone give me a demo of using these code on this website run this loading bar in hype please? I cannot figure out using resources in the hype.:fearful:

Thank you so much! much appreciated!!!


I found the .js that the example links to but not sure if that will always be there. (10.9 KB)

Looking at the git stuff it looks like you would normally have to build the file your self. Not really what I want to do.

I am sure there are more js plugins out there that may be more available.

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Thank you so much! it worked! I got so confuse about adding resource in the hype, your example really helped me a lot. I can learn more from here. You are always very helpful! I appreciated. :grin:

I got one more question, What if I have multiple progressing bar rotating at the same time on a specific timeline action ?(Currently it is working on one ellipse, I am running bar.animate(1.0); // Number from 0.0 to 1.0 on a timeline action key.) What if I want three more bar rotating?

should I set multiple function and multiple ellipse id ? Or there is a way to trigger the multiply ellipse rotate same time at once?