Using persistent symbol to move scenes back and forth

I was wondering if there was a way to use persistent symbols or any other static element where the CTA buttons do not move from scene to scene to change scenes back and forth.

So in theory there would be a back button and forward button that would move the scenes back and forth.

For the Hype experts, is there a clever way to achieve this?

Attached a test working file to demonstrate further. (574.2 KB)

And Thank you in advance!

Previous / Next Scene? Or based on which scenes have been visited (in their visited order)? In your Persistent Symbol, it’s pretty easy to create a ‘go to next scene’ or ‘go to previous’ scene button:

For your document, you would have ‘Next Scene’ selected (at the top) instead of a specific scene when you’re setting the Next Question Mouse Action:


haha didn’t know it was that simple…

Thank you for the assistance!

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