Using Hype to create dynamic app


Hello, I’m completely new to Hype, but very excited with what I’ve seen so far.

What I am interested in is using Hype to create mobile apps with dynamic content.

I want to create animations and define scenes, elements and transitions in Hype with placeholder elements (texts, images).

After I export to HTML, I want to use the exported Hype data within a Cordova mobile app, to dynamically replace the placeholder elements with data chosen at runtime (and possibly coming from a backend).

So, my questions are:

  • How can I use and trigger the scenes, animations, transitions, elements defined in Hype from my own external JavaScript?
  • How can I control what happens if the user pushes a button programmatically (depending on my application state, a button tap could lead to different animations and/or scenes being triggered)?
  • How can I replace the placeholder elements with my own data?

Thanks! Thomas

(strmiska) #2

here´s an example of a simple CMS-datadriven document.