Using Hype Sticky Scroll with Blocs App

A very nice scroll effect.

In blocsapp - bootstrap 5, I want it to appear anywhere in the page. However, either the scroll effect does not work, or it always starts from the top and even the navigation bar comes out after the scroll effect.
What should I do to show the scrool effect somewhere on the page I want?

Hello Mexmet,

you should upload this to a page, I can inspect. I don't own a Blocsapp license.



Thanks for your quick turn, (224.9 KB)

You are using:

.page-container {
    overflow: hidden;

That is not allowed if you want to use position:sticky as we do with the scroll.

Also, I saw you are pulling in the CDN version and the inline version. One should suffice, best the minified one, but local.

I tried auto visible scroll clip but nothing changed.

Set it to:

.page-container {
    overflow: initial;

I tried to change the place in another place :upside_down_face:. Yes, it's done now, thank you very much.