Using Hype for Drupal theming

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I’m a technology teacher in NYC using Hype with my students. I’m curious if there are any tutorials or classes in how to use Tumult Hype to build Drupal themes?


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Building the theme using Hype might be a problem just because Hype creates the layout dynamically using Javascript. Using Hype documents inside an existing basic theme might be better. I’m no Drupal expert so I’m just voicing my opinion here and not saying it’s impossible to do but it would be pretty tricky I would gather.

It’s similar to Wordpress in a way that with CMS systems it’s probably better to handle the theme building close to what language they have and also there may be other factors such as SEO and connections to the backend that may come into play. That being said and again, no expert on this but I understand that Drupal themes can be made from many languages so again it’s not impossible I think.

Let’s see if anyone else has any info or experiences they can share. :wink:

P.S I edited your category as the “Tips & Tricks” one is for existing documents with tips for uses of Hype. :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Scotisle.

@DBear is right. You won’t be able to build Drupal themes with Hype. I would say you could build out certain elements and integrate them into Drupal blocks or in specific template files.

I recommend picking a theme to work from as a parent theme, create a subtheme and modify it to include your Hype elements. From what I have seen in the forums here, there are some fixes and notes for using the Bootstrap framework. I would recommend using the Drupal Bootstrap theme page as your parent theme as it will give you more flexibility as far as a responsive framework and tweak where needed.

Note: I’ve been using Drupal for almost 13 years. It’s part of what I do for a living. Holler if you have any other questions.

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Thanks everybody. I have successfully installed Drupal and done some basic theme modification but I’m a Hype newbie. Let me back up, start with what I’m trying to do, and maybe get some help on how to proceed.

I am a history teacher, and with my students, we conducted oral histories about 15 years ago with WWII veterans. The site is up in Drupal 8 at (Note: the videos do not play audio on Android/iPhone due to a codec problem.)

I would like to make the site more dynamic using Hype and HTML5, but retain Drupal’s database search capabilities. We have hundreds of photos and hours more footage to upload.

I understand the concept of adding HTML5/Hype to blocks, but I don’t think that will change the site itself. Is there a way to animate the site using Hype, but retain the keywords/tags/database of Drupal?

I’m open to suggestions of other platforms, with the caveat that I am a History teacher with some graphic design experience, not a hard core programmer.

Thanks so much!

Could you make use of Drupal 8’s RESTful API via an existing Javascript library??

Also read this post on Drupal’s future roadmap / strategy:

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