Using export script to provide custom actions

We can add new action thank to export script; I saw some example like Sizmek or Doubleclick

What I need is to provide in the action menu 3 new action that call a javascript library with parameters. I need to provide to our customer who use our technology and hype an export script that embed jquery and some of our js libs. So, they won’t need any more to add jquery and our libs to the hype resources. They will also have access to a new action.
Can you confirm that export script will do the job.

Yes, you can do this via an Export Script. See the –get_options documentation, specifically the extra_actions key. It allows you to create an action that will call javascript. The extra_actions also contains the ability to add parameters to the UI that get passed into the function. You’d need to make sure that javascript is defined, the way we have done this is by injecting into the head of the HTML also in the export script during the --modify_url callback. You can also inject jquery and your JS libs at this time.

As you noted, the DoubleClick Studio export script does this. You can see that their JS script is added with insert_at_head_start and functions in --get_options are added in the insert_at_head_end variable.

I’m happy to help if you have any other questions, or in doing this if you have any feature requests on the Export Scripts.