Using different timelines in a scene

Hi everyone!

I’m doing a animation where I have different animals/plants in a forest setting (a jpg background) that a user can click on, and a small pop-up box appears giving some text info about it. The corner of the info box has a small X to click on to exit. The action I use is to ‘mouse click’ (on that same timeline) and ‘play in reverse’ so the timeline goes backwards, and the box closes.

I’ve set these up on different timelines, each separately named. The problem is that when I click on a animal/plant, a box pops up fine, but then a box for another will popup automatically right after. How do I prevent this?

Also, after I click on the X to close one of my other info boxes, it’ll re-appear again and again as in a loop. But there’s nothing in my timeline telling it to go back and do so.

Any advice appreciated! :slight_smile:


If you share your project you might get a more personalised response.

It’s a little guess work how you have your document set up.

Could be that you are using Start / Continue timeline in the wrong way? Maybe you need a different approach with the timeline. Instead of reverse I would place a pause when it reaches the end and then manually reverse it (animate the reverse so the timeline is always playing forward. That way you can have like a toggle effect.

Something like this. With this way you just add “Continue timeline” and tick “can restart timeline” and you have a toggle

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Hi DBear,

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I’ll try a manual reverse instead. :slight_smile:


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