User's Theme UI / System Accent color

Is there a way to save the User’s Theme UI changes? Export/Import or have access to multiple User themes?

Also - under UI Prefs, the “Use system accent color” is not able to be checked. Should it be… and when?

System accent color is only available as a setting for macOS 10.14+, corresponding to the setting in the General System Pref pane:

It is also disabled if the far-right “graphite” color is chosen; the problem being here that it is very hard to distinguish in active vs. inactive states with a grey color. The accent color is more frequently shown in Hype than Whisk.

(I definitely get that this isn’t a clear UI setting!)

OK - but about the export? or duplicate? Otherwise, I’m overwriting the default Dark/Light theme. I guess that’d be ok, except I can’t just reset one option like font size etc without losing all other changed settings like colors…

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Sorry, meant to address that. Save-able themes is definitely something I’d like to add!