User paste a photo into a group

I am making a few dancing characters with blank heads
Is there a way to allow the site viewers to paste their photos into them?
I want to program a button to paste a face into the head and then use the +/- buttons to fit it inside


not pasting , but load and drop and mask … @MarkHunte did some work here in the forum …
one of them: User defined proportions with overlay grid

… there exist other techniques like canvas which may come in handy too


Thank you very much

Not 100% sure of the security implications of pasting data rather than plain text.
Also I personally would not invite the user into pasting something they may not, realise they are pasting, what is actually in the clipboard may not be what the think, i.e confidential info.
Even if the code only wants an image. ( The code intercept the pasting event)

Personally I would ask them to load and image as in my other example which is what people are used to doing and feel comfortable with.

But for example sake here you go…

Pasting code is from

Image scales to canvas.
Image is draggable ( using normal Hype API )
Image can be resized.

(slight update - image made to not allow text selection ) (161.1 KB)


great example! I’d would never have thought that a window paste event would exist.thx @MarkHunte :slight_smile: Though @manberzil , for this special case i’d expect a drop or choose file as user.

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Here is some code for drag and drop.

I also was thinking about doing this with a webcam and got some links in the thread but no code implemented, yet.

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Yer,drag n drop in respect to upload is a nicer way to do it visually in my opinion.

I suppose the one thing I did like about the paste Method was I could open my image and select the area I wanted..

I think I may have a web cam Image to canvas in a post some where here

Found it

Thank you all for the comments and links
I think pasting the images is not really be the best option
The best approach may be the webcam

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