User defined proportions with overlay grid

Trying to configure a user defined dimensions input overlay ( i.e. 8x10", 11x14, 16x20…etc) The user uploads a photo then specifies a crop dimension and grid overlay and the result is the image shown cropped with a grid overlay (grid being lines specified) like every 1", 5" or 10" …etc. Any ideas?

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This should be doable, there are probably a few ways.
You could have a look at html canvas and possible use that to make a crop of the image although that may get complex.

or just fake the crop by having a draggable sized grid.

The upload and getting the actual pixel dimensions of the image is easy and calculating into inches is also easy.

In this example I assume the res is 72 pixel/inch. (27.0 KB)

Updated second version. (43.2 KB)

Grid is fixed in place. You could hide show new ones.
Image is draggable and within a container limit.
Show/hide crop area.

Hopefully will give you some more ideas…


Honking Horn right

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So I kept playing with this… as i liked the idea.

This is a rough working model…

Images can be dragged around,
Images can be resized around,

Two grid boxes.

Show/hide Crop.
Toggle grid box and crop will adjust.

LoadImageAndGetSizeV3.hypetemplate (27.4 KB)


Thanks! The scalable grid is going to be the most difficult I think.