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If you want to share your own favorite links, just post a reply.
Maybe this thread can just be a long list of links. :slightly_smiling_face:


Optimize:, tiny jpg produces a result that is slightly smaller than tinypng, but you sacrifice background transparency.

I’m still able to update the main post, so I added Google’s “Revamped” SEO Starter Guide.

Thanks for putting this together! For more Javascript-Related tutorials, check out this post.

Also as a resource, Hype Docks by @michelangelo is worth a mention.

One for the list: Sizzy, for testing responsive designs on a single page.

Added two new security links. I didn’t scan, but I did scan my website. wasn’t as strict as I thought. I thought my security header settings were tougher. I updated the settings and then I got an A…

I found out about the scanner because I was reading about the White House website switching to WordPress. It got an “F” on the security header scan. I like WordPress, but I’m not sure that’s such a good move for the White House. I thought Drupal was better suited for government work, as I think Drupal does a better job at security. Seeing the results of this test, and the recent move to WordPress, I’m concerned.

If you’re concerned about your website’s security, maybe those two new links are helpful.


That is good and nice of you to list these websites.

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  • Added a link to the “Wrapping” app
  • Piwik is now Matomo
  • Moved US-CERT to security
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Last night, I got an email about a useful link. It was a redirect that went to here…

Do you think it should be added to the list? Heh, it’s sorta like inception… as that page is also a list of links.

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  • Added “Frugal” section

The Twitter link is highly recommended. If you score a 20% discount on an iTunes gift card, that savings doesn’t come from Tumult.

@jonathan – If Hype 4 is going to have a paid upgrade, you might want to let people know about this ahead of time. That way, they can save money on the software. I doubt most professional designers / developers care about this, but it might be a good Twitter post and a way to built up hype for Hype 4.

I’m OK though. I loaded up my iTunes account when Costco had a sale on iTunes cards. It’s basically a race to see who gets the $80 credit. I’ve been waiting to see if CrazyTalk Animator drops their price. It was as low as $79.99 – but I missed it.

So, I added the Mac price drops RSS Feed to my email client (Thunderbird).

For those who are reading this, but you don’t have Hype yet, maybe Tumult Hype will go on sale again… …it’s a rare occurrence, but it’s happened before.


Based on a conversation here… Unofficial Tumult Hype CDN …a new security link was added. It’s a way to generate a Subresource Integrity hash, based on the URL of a file. It’s useful if you’re using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host the Hype runtime JavaScript file.

Of course, just how Monk uses a level to check his level, is a third-party website. So you’d need a Subresource Integrity hash generator checker to verify the authenticity of the code. :laughing:

In other words, you could also use the terminal to generate the hash locally. That website tells you how to do it, in the “How can I generate Integrity hashes?” section.

  • Added

Generates a website report, on topics such as performance, SEO and accessibility.

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Maybe add the recently featured and the associated YouTube Playlist

Who’s site is this? I’m surprised that I haven’t seen it before.

Tour de Hype & DesignLab are services by Trendspurt GmbH

If your asking how the user is called on this forum… I am not sure.

The guys who make Tour De Hype are Daniel Connerth and & Simon Widjaja; I don’t think they are on the forums much but were more well known for the now-defunct site about Edge Animate and have done a lot with other Adobe apps too. The videos they make are great!

yes, they comes from Edgedocks, now the subject is hype but only the app, not the community or the forum.

The setting is quite commercial (even if it does not have commercial content yet) and it is well done and I hope to see other similar resources in the future.

This one’s for Tumult - hi @jonathan & @Daniel

While editing a post, I noticed that the footer said 2017. It’s almost 2019.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Look Dead On The Internet

The forums are in the future now :slight_smile:. Thanks!

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Here’s a nice tool for getting clean transparent PNGs of people cut out from their backgrounds:

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Not quite good enough to make the main list, but this is nice…

While working on my latest project, I’ve been using CSS Variables A LOT. I prefer using regular CSS, compared to something like SASS. Unfortunately, the browser compatibility is still a little lacking. It’s getting close though…

…basically Internet Explorer is the main issue. I’m not quite ready to ignore IE11, but fortunately that’s not a concern for my project.

Also, iTunes Card Deals got suspended? :scream_cat: