Use WebKit graphics acceleration causes border to be cut off in Safari



When I have a full-size Rectangle with a 1px border on all sides, the right side gets cut off on my non Retina screen in Safari. However, when I disable the ‘Use WebKit graphics acceleration’ it works as intended.

Any idea?

For illustration purposes:

On all other browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Opera) on both Retina and Regular and on Safari on Retina:

On Safari on regular screen (non Retina):

And the HypeFile: (8.4 KB)

Safari: Stroke cut off on documents edge if Webkit Graphics Acceleration is activated

Just one of those things…

Not really sure what this might be. Can you see if it reproduces in the Safari Technology Preview?


I can’t reproduce it in the STP. However, since I’ve installed the STP, I can’t even reproduce it in my regular Safari anymore? It seems to work now? Did STP change anything to my regular Safari?


It shouldn’t have… Very odd!


Is it weekend already? :sob:


Anyway weird. I’ll leave it off for now, just to be sure. My ads aren’t that load-heavy anyway.


Yeah you should be good with smaller documents. Issued used to occur when acceleration was turned on, or only on retina.


Hahaha :smiley: