I've been using BlueGriffon for many years, but that program is no longer active for my system Mac OS 12.7.2

I'm trying out Whisk, but I can't figure out one usage method I used with BlueGriffon.

When I clicked on any element on the WYSIWYG page of BlueGriffon, and then switched to the HTML page that part was highlighted in the code. So easy to find parts of the page to modify easily. The WYSIWYG page and HLML page of BlueGriffon overlay each other, not separate windows.

I found that when clicking any element in WYSIWYG frame this isn't highlighted in HTML frame of th esplit screen.

Is there a way to have the two frames interactive, so that finding the related code is possible by clicking an element in the WYSIWYG frame?

I also, couldn't get the 'Find' function to find the part of the text I wanted to edit; basically, nothing happened when adding the text to search for.

Any ideas would be welcome, perhaps I've missed some way to do what I want.

Thank you.

Unfortunately there's not any methods that currently relate the edited HTML to the Preview, or vice-versa. This is a good feature request though!

(While there's plenty of places where code <-> previews can't be lined up, I think there are some basic heuristics we could use to make this work for a lot of simpler/non-javascript documents)