Use Hype files as the Welcome page of the Wordpress site(full screen display)

Hey there!
I builded a website in Wordpress. And I want to add a welcome page for the site. I have completed a welcome page by Hype, but I don’t know what to do next? This is the draft (25.2 KB)

I’m poor in PHP. :sob: I learn about something from Google. It is said that, first I should upload the .html and source file(.hypesource) to the server. Then go to the Wordpress folder to change some code in the “wp-config.php”. But I’m not clear with the details.:joy:

PS: I’ve read the post: [Embedding tumult hype animations with h5p for wordpress]
(Embedding Tumult Hype animations with H5P for Wordpress). It help me to embedding some animation for the pages/post in wordpress. But I couldn’t use this method to achieve the above effect.:persevere:

I think these will help:

No need to learn PHP :slight_smile: