Use existing image in Choose Background Image

(Mark Hunte) #1

It would be good if after you have added an image to the Resource library, you can then use it in the choose background for an element.

Which at the moment you cannot and have to dump the original and re do it.

(Greg) #2

I’m sure you already know that you can add them via javascript

hypeDocument.getElementById('id').innerHTML = '<img src="${resourcesFolderName}/yourPicture.png">';

But I agree, it would be a nice feature in Hype’s Element Inspector.

(Mark Hunte) #3

I do thanks, But thats more inconvenient and complicated at that stage and you are not always using JS.

(stephen) #4

Thanks for the suggestion! Definitely a good idea. We have also considered making it so you can drag the image from the Resource Library to the Background attribute in the Inspector.

(Mark Hunte) #5

Thats a great idea. Thanks