Use Case - Mapping

(Danny Grizzle) #1

Sorry for the newbie question:

Is Hype the right tool for highlighting locations on a map from a clickable list?

I’d need an extensive scrollable list, alphabetized and searchable.

I also need to accommodate frequent additions.

My specific application is a cemetery website, to locate burials (thus constant additions). But something similar could apply to retail locations or any number of things.

Larger projects might change the background scene. Example, switch between various state maps or cemetery sections depending on which list item is selected.

(Mark Hunte) #2

Much of this really depends on the type of map you are using and how you want the interaction to work. As well as how you are updating the Map points. ( data )

In some cases I would think it would be fine to use Hype fully but in other cases like a google type tile map, although you probably could do it all in hype you may have a better time only using hype for some of the UI.

Using a static clickable list would be limiting.

You would likely be better using option select/ search inputs.

The jquery libraries give you some plugins that will help take a lot of the guess work out of how to populate and display a searchable option/select

Also have a look through what other people have done with Infographics