Use a Stepper for Rotation controls in the Inspector


I find the Circler Sliders really awkward to use and hard to be precise easily for the Rotation Angle controls.

All of the steppers that are already in Hype are much, much easier to use and therefore quicker to use than the Circler Sliders.

It would be really great to have a Stepper controls for the Rotation controls instead of the Circler Sliders.



Wouldn’t that be odd for angles, like Gravity or element rotation? If I need precision with the dials, I just move the mouse further away from the center.

I don’t really see how that would be odd. The knobs of the circler slider rotate on a single axis themselves and you interpret it as a different axis for each angle of rotation. Z,Y and X.

Also if slide from centre on a circler slider (Horizontally ) and you go slightly to far, you will get a sudden jump in the number due to you hitting the knobs rotation point. And if you are having to slide Horizontal on a circler slider then the circler slider is not doing the job and it should be a Horizontal Slider.

A stepper will always be more precise than either the Horizontal Slider. A Horizontal Slider can be set to only stop on Ticks but even then it can be hard to control.

I also suspect that the choice of using a circler slider is more to do with the interpretation of rotational angle by the user and possibly speed to move to an angle further away.

If you hold the shift key, the circular dial stops at 45° intervals.

Additionally, the little dot is an indicator of direction. (Although, I would put the “Rotation” circle dot on the right, not at the top, to indicate zero degrees.) This works well with gravity, as it highlights the direction of gravity. How would a slider indicate that?

I think the value should be a modulo of 360°, because 1080º is basically the same as 0°, 360° and 720°. That would solve the problem of huge positive or negative numbers.

Something seems weird though. To make objects fall downward, the angle is 180º. This makes no sense to me, as isn’t zero supposed to be on the right side of horizon line?

To be honest I really only was speaking about the rotation of an object not gravity which I do not use that much and do not work about being precise.

The 45° intervals thing is good to know but still does not meet the precision of ticks in between.

I agree with you on the value max and a NSSlider should value wrap around to the min-max numbers afaik but they appear disabled here.

It is the same in a sense, but when you want to rotate an element two times using 720° or -720° is very useful.


Seconding this request. I keep putting my mouse on the value and trying to use it as a stepper. Very frustrating that that’s not available.

Thanks for the request.