Usability testing

Hi all, does anyone know if there is a way to have a third party perform usability testing on a prototype? I understand that Hype Reflect can be used to view it on my own device / same wireless network, but how about someone in another state on their device?

Thank you.

If they have a Mac, you can just send them the project and they can run Hype in “Free Viewer” mode.

Otherwise, it sounds to me like you’ll need to spin up a testing server — if state means United States. :us:

I was just writing about something cool though…

Basically, if you switch Hype Reflect to browser mode, you then can use Safari’s mobile developer tools to do advanced testing — very nice!

Awesome – Thanks for the advice! I suppose using a cloud based LMS would also be useful… I have no experience using one, could you perhaps recommend a free/low cost one?

If you’re asking about free or low cost hosting, check out: Neocities: Quick Hype Document Hosting

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Thanks Daniel!!