URL should open this file but will not

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? this one is mystifying me;

this url opens the page restoredlifeoutreach.com/Restored%20Life%20Outreach%20Sermons.html

but when this file restoredlifeoutreach.com/Untitled.html is opened, the gray object containing the ABOVE url within it will not open “restoredlifeoutreach.com/Restored%20Life%20Outreach%20Sermons.html

I am suspecting some kind of file corruption but have created a new page, no change. In the actual file, there are 5 other images functioning as links with no issues, only the one URL mention above

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Untitled.hype.zip (8.9 KB)


try just using /Restored%20Life%20Outreach%20Sermons.html

as this is a relative URL it will not work in preview

If you use http://restoredlifeoutreach.com/Restored%20Life%20Outreach%20Sermons.html in the go to URL box then it will work in both Preview and on your site as it is an absolute URL

for URLs to work using “Go to URL…” always put absolute URLs (http//…)

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You are correct, sir! It’s always the simple things that bite us (or me) Adding the http:// cured the problem!

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Oh, and when in doubt, ask the Forums sooner rather than later. Will paint it on my office wall.

Hype forums have a different kind of person, most everyone here is positive. Thats why I never go to Apple forums, there are some good people there, but they are a minority.


That’s nice to hear! I’m also continually impressed by the kindness here.