Urgent - video fullscreen changes hype layouts

We have an issue where there is a lot of javascript etc on individual layouts, and some youtube videos embedded in each layout. When a user clicks the fullscreen button in a video, the browsers seem to temporarily resize the entire window to go full screen, this causes different hype layouts to trigger and obviously makes a muck of things when a user exits full screen.

Is there a way to temporarily disable hype’s responsive listeners (I’m assuming it’s the window.resize event) when a window enters full screen?

(saw your email, but posting this here for others)

The responsive layout system looks for the size of the offsetwidth and offsetheight of the entire Hype element and does its magic based on that information.

In my tests, I’m not seeing what you’re seeing – the same layout is enabled even when clicking the full screen button. Can you share your document? (feel free to do that over our email)

One thing to note: you can disable full screen by removing the allowfullscreen="" property from the youtube embed code.