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I’m trying to upload a Hype banner to a webpage. The banner is not appearing. Here is the html code that I have embedded on the webpage:

The files are located on the web server in the “banners” file directory. I have not had this problem before. The site is coded in html5 format.

Case sensitive conflicts perhaps? reasonstousethesite vs. reasonsToUeTheSite

The best way to determine what might be happening is to check the developer console. I would suspect that the reasonsToUseTheSite.hyperesources folder may not have been uploaded to the proper location; go to the URL shows not found.

Mr. Deutsch,

Thank you for your reply. You may have some merit in your suspicions. I have reloaded the Hype banner multiple times and it looks like the file should be where I want it to be. Here is a screen shot of Filezilla:

I am far from what you would call a competent web designer. However, I have used Hype in the past with XHTML and have managed to put multiple Hype generated projects online.

This time, I am frustrated and am running out of ideas. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I think the issue is that your " banners" folder has a leading space in its name. Try renaming it to just “banners”.

Secondarily to that, the file view doesn’t have the little collapse/expand triangle for reasonsToUseTheSite.hyperesources. It could be that contents were not uploaded into it, or that is just a visual issue with filezilla (it does seem to show it is a directory below, but it could be have a “.hyperesources” extension is tripping it up. If there’s a way to check the contents inside I’d do that.

This works:


So your embed code would need to have the code:

… but you should probably remove the space in the banners folder name.

Mr. Deutsch,

Thank you for your impute. The banner space seems to be the issue. It is always the obvious. I would never have found it had you not pointed it out. Thanks a lot.


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The worst problems always have the smallest fixes!