Upgrading our iMacs and need to uninstall Hype on the old system and reinstall on the new

we are upgrading our systems and I need to uninstall and re-install Hype on my new iMac. Do I just look up my registration number when I bought Hype and plug that into the new download? I am assuming I have to redownload the software.

As well as our great forums Tumult also has a companion website with lots of useful information :slight_smile:

In answer to your question … yes? :confused:

When you say “upgrading” are you getting a completely new machine or just updating the OS? The latter means you shouldn’t have to uninstall anything. The former is what I think is the case as you mention “new iMac”. :smiley:

You can go ahead and install Hype on any machine you own. That’s a Mac of course. Using the same license key or using App store.


Thanks! Yes it was easier than I thought.