Updated images inside hype

Hi there
When i import image inside hype, and then i updated it sometimes it gives me a message to updated and sometimes it is not, although i didn’t change its path i mean the hype file and the links in the same folder

Thanks for this report. Hype documents keep track of the external resources via “Secure Bookmarks” (kind of like an alias file, but less information and made to work within App Sandbox restrictions). There are several file system operations that can unfortunately cause it to lose track of the file; if you specifically identify what was happening feel free to let us know, but a lot of this is out of our hands unfortunately.

You can always choose to manually replace the file in the Resource Library if you find it is not picking up changes.

thank you for your reply :), else is there any help to make a game in hype, i want to know the concept not just to link me a game’s source :slight_smile:

Making a game is a pretty broad topic and heavily dependent on the type of game you want to make. @darren_pearson even teaches an entire course on making games; he talks about it in this video. If you want to see a specific game made in a step-by-step manner, I do recommend watching @nick’s series as it goes through many of the steps required. There’s also many forum posts (searching “game”) that might help with particular tasks.

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