Unstable behavior on IPAD/Android with more than 20 vídeos

Hello, i’m finishing a game with many videos (21 videos), and i’m experiencing unstable behavior when viewing my application on IPAD and Android. I think it’s has something to do with the browser’s memory management. It’s like it is caching everything, although i’ve uncheck the offline buffer.

I’ve tried the safest configuration, no autoplay, show controls, everything on the timeline…

it’s any code to flush browser’s memory, or video memory. I would like to tell the browser to forget every shown video.

I’m on a hurry, i have to deliver this project tomorrow. Any clue??, Thanks.

I’ve found this, don’t know if could solve the problem http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3258587/how-to-properly-unload-destroy-a-video-element


Another Link https://gist.github.com/danro/5725870

(via an email thread it looks like you found the problem of being some javascripts with a snow effect)

SOLVED!!!, there was a layer with a javascript snow effect that did run in every device but not on ipad. This situation led us into a wrong diagnostic. We thought it was a memory management problem.
We tested IPAD we 50 videos and no problem. So we looked thoroughly into the code and into the project and found the snow layer.

Thanks for the good support.

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