Unsplash in hype

I would like that next version add to Unsplash that you can share thousands of free images to make several hype prototypes and save time to search the internet.

Thank you

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What about all the other plattforms…? Why feature unsplash? What about the others? I for example hardly use it. If Hype had a plugin system… then why not. Whoever wants it installs it.

But there are apps to download from Unsplash on the Mac (for example):

Full search



I didn’t know he has more. Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for this feedback! We’ve had some contacts from Unsplash and other well known image providers in the past. Generally I like the idea of making it easier to add images into Hype, especially for those needing to do quick prototyping/throwing things together.

In many cases there isn’t a huge workflow improvement from dragging from a site, though I often think it might be good if these sites had a mac app that could make dragging and dropping into apps even easier.

There can also be nice flows where licensing is involved, but to be honest we’ve been burnt quite a bit in the past when integrating 3rd party APIs into our app. I tend to prefer approaches where there can be pretty clean separation between the Hype app and the service when possible (like a plugin system).

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