Unmute on video not working in Chrome and Safari

I did an ad with a video, I want the video to autoplay so I checked the muted checkbox

But in Chrome and Safari, if I try to unmute the video it’s not working…
I don’t understand why, is it a bug? The client really want the video to autoplay and that the user can still unmute it if they want the sound

Here’s a link to my ad

You can just give the video an ID like ‘myVideo’ and then use something like in a JS function…

hypeDocument.getElementById('myVideo').muted = false;

Just tried it in the browser console and that worked.

Little update… when trying to unmute via a button through Hype like described above it doesn’t work if you set the check on muted through the Hype GUI. Strange as the console works. It does work if you set the initial state to regular sound but that does’t work with autoplay so here is a solution that does work (through taking full control of play/pause and mute/unmuted):

toggleMutedVideo.hype.zip (361,4 KB)

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Sir… you are a GENIUS!!! I’ve been looking for something like this for MONTHS!!! Thank you! :grin: