Unmute autoplay attract loop video offline app

So I have an offline hype app running on electron (on windows).
Scene 1 is an attract loop video that autoplays to get peoples attention.
Is there a way to unmute the video's audio without clicking a button?
The app is turned off nightly and rebooted in the morning on a timer and I'd like the audio to start with the app.

As always... :heart_eyes:

Looks like you need to break the rules, and tell electron you want to break the rules: Auto play video in electron app with sound using HTML 5 video element

More info here: BrowserWindow | Electron


Not saying I like breaking the rules...but :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I know you will autoplay audio honorably, Rob :slight_smile:

The app lives in the clients showroom and they want the audio to play on load. Then they can just mute to monitor if the want to turn it off. Personally...I think looping audio would be super annoying day in and day out (which I expressed) but hey...they are paying for it haha

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