Unknown "x"on page corner

Hello, I made my website entirely with Hype : http://www.galvani.net - and an Unknown "x"appeared on the upper left of the page. Seems to be a button but has no action. It appear on all devices and browsers. Does anybody knows what causes it and how to remove? Many Thanks in advance!!

nothing to do with Hype …

remove this tag in the htmlfile:
<button onclick="pauseVid()" type="button">X</button>

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nice page :slight_smile:

though loading experience is bad … fresh load takes about 5 seconds

it works!!! Many thanks. The whole site is a page only - the data is about 30MB - I learned that is good to make your clients to wait… here in Japan, takes 7 sec., so not too bad. cheers!

5 seconds?

I’m 60 years old… my clients are used to wait 5 minutes for me to leave the car.

Many thanks, really :slight_smile:


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Ha ha :slight_smile: in that case … :ok_hand: