Uneven tweens when shortening

Not sure if its a known issue however, I noticed when having staggered animation tweens and about to make them shorter while having them selected all at once and shortening them I get this uneven result.

Before Shortening

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 11.20.22 AM

After Shortening

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 11.20.39 AM

Why can't they all be equally shortened? Is it fundamentally impossible? Also, it's extremely slow when shortening these tweens all at once.

They are aligned to the vertical grid in both images, which corresponds a single frame (1/30th of a second). Since the timecode Hype uses is based on 1/30th of a second, retiming the animation will require that the start and end times of these animations line up with an exact moment in Hype's conception of time.

Hi Daniel, hard to wrap my brain around this, but why is so it so slow? Is it a computational thing, where the ui and the code decides where to place the tweens and how short it is?

In any event, It be really cool if hype had a stagger selection feature where if user selects all tweens right clicks stagger and enters the stagger offset it would stagger them tweens rather than moving/retiming these tweens manually by pulling them.

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It shouldn't really be slow, but this might be document-dependent? Do you mind attaching or sending us a zip of your .hype document and let us know which range of elements were selected?

I definitely think it would be nice to have distribute tools for animations as well.